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Cyber Storm 2014: CSC Engagement

Cyber Storm 2014: CSC Engagement from LED FastStart Media on Vimeo.


Happening today is the 2014 Cyber Storm.

Christian Dean says, "The idea is that we are supposed to exploit the other teams and take advantage of their computer systems."

CSC sent their own cyber security experts from around the country to act as advisors to the Cyber Storm teams.

Team members talking, "is ETC where our patches config is? Did you cynically configure the VM's as well?"

But they also hacked into the teams' networks, bringing a new level of realism to the exercise.

John Dancy says, "This is part of our whole plan, to be engaged in the university and everything that is happening around information technology."

Michael Piekarski says, "It's symbiotic; we help get them better students, they help get us better employees."

Brad Isbell says, "This brings a lot of different stuff to the table than what I've seen in other cyber challenges that I've been associated with."

Joshua Dalman says, "When there is an incident or a security breach, it's very high pressure. Every second, every minute counts."

Michael Piekarski says, "It's pretty much exactly what we do, only turned into a game and then there's points instead of millions of dollars on the line."

By hacking, teams win points for exploiting weaknesses.

John Dancy says, "Just from casual conversations we are seeing that the skill level's all there. We are seeing a nice progression up through the years and a high degree of skill and the kinds of things we are looking for for our future work force."

Brad Isbell says, "I'd like to see CSC involved with this challenge coming up over the next couple of years."

These students now know a global technology company solving tough challenges is located in Bossier and is committed to their success.

Joshua Dalman says, "Being able to bring our own experiences out in the real world that we are experiencing everyday back to the students and share with them I think that would be a valuable exercise to do."

Michael Piekarski says, "or even have CSC participate in planning out courses or exercises for the students."

Brad Isbell says, "Students are really bright. They are doing a lot of ‘on-the-fly' programming, coming up with creative solutions to the forensic challenges that they have been presented."

Together with Louisiana Tech, CSC is building a highly skilled, next-generation workforce.

Joshua Dalman says, "They all seem to have that desire to continue learning or to continue growing, which is also important because in cyber security or in our industry, you can never stop learning."

Michael Piekarski says, "I definitely met a couple that I wouldn't mind working beside."

John Dancy says, "What I'm really hoping for is that the students we're here talking to today, in the future will be wearing a CSC shirt back here doing this again in the future years."